Yellow Tail Pink Moscato Wine Review

Bottle of yellow tail pink moscato and a wine glass

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is a sure hit with sweet wine lovers. It’s fragrant, fruity, and fizzy. The back label says expect the taste of strawberries, musk, and fairy floss (aka cotton candy for us, US-english users), and it delivers all that.

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato in a wine glassIt smells good, too. Although there’s no mention of pears, its scent is definitely there. In fact, Yellow Tail Pink Moscato reminded me of Victoria Secret’s Pear Glaze body mist. Breathe in the white swirling vapor that pools at the neck bottle when you twist the cap open and you’ll know what I mean.

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato can be easily mistaken for a sparkly fruit juice if not for the faint alcohol taste. Chilled, it’s refreshing enough to effectively drive heat waves away.

Price: P395
Country of Origin: Australia
Alcohol Content: 7.5%
Volume: 750ml
Corkscrew Needed?: No

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Yellow Tail Pink Moscato
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    • Ketchup Girl
      Ketchup Girl says:

      Hi Andi. I usually buy wine from the liquor section of Supermarkets, Robinson’s and SM. But occasionally I go to stand-alone liquor stores – they carry other brands and sometimes are cheaper.


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