Wowa’s Churros – My Favorite Churreria

Wowa's Churros at SM Bacolod Food Court

I have a new favorite at SM Bacolod, and it’s not the big clothes and accessories store that just opened. In fact, it’s the opposite of big and instead of to-die-for girly stuff, it’s selling hot ridged sticks of deep-fried dough.

Wowa’s Churros, my new favorite, occupies only a few square meters at SM Bacolod Food Court and it’s probably the only churreria in the city at the moment. I know some cafes in Bacolod serve churros but it’s only Wowa’s that offer it as their main thing.

Wowa’s give you churros in 3 ways — basic, glazed, and with ice cream. If you’re a fan of churros like me, this will totally get you excited

Wowa's Tripe Churro and Signature Chocolate Dip

Wowa’s Triple Churro + Signature Chocolate Dip is a must-try. Sure,  it’s the usual churro pairing but Wowa’s chocolate dip is extra-special. Smooth, rich and delightfully bittersweet, it tastes like it’s made from tablea. The only fault I can find in Wowa’s signature chocolate dip is that it comes in a small cup. A sturdier (if you take your time eating your churros, the choco dip tends to spill out of the bottom) bigger cup filled to the brim would definitely be better.

Aside from their signature choco dip, Wowa’s also pairs their churros with dulce de leche. This one is perfect for people who own a bigger-than-usual sweet tooth.

Their matcha glazed churros also has a special place in my heart. Their crunchy-on-the-outside soft-yellow-and-tasty-on-the-inside cinnamon-sugar-rolled churros are brushed with thick, creamy matcha jam and drizzled with sweet, white icing. The crazed matcha lover in me can’t resist.

Wowa's Matcha Glazed Churros

But wait, did you balk at the word “cinnamon”? I know a lot of people who’d turn down food just because cinnamon is in it. But don’t worry, Wowa’s Churros sprinkled cinnamon with a light hand. You know it’s there but it doesn’t overpower. Cinnamon, just like any spice, should be used right and Wowa’s did it exquisitely.

I still have to try their Churro + Ice Cream. The Butter Caramel one sounds delish, don’t you think?

If you want something savoury to eat with your churros, you can try their Garden Wedge — fried potato wedges blanketed in a gooey cheese sauce. It’s warm, hearty, and satiating.

Wowa's Garden Wedges - Fried Potato Wedges with Cheese Sauce

The next time you’re at SM and you’re looking for something different to stave off your hunger, go to “where all churro lovers meet”. Their churros will fill you up and transform your hangry mood to happy

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