The Chizza: KFC’s Chicken Pizza

KFC Chizza chicken pizza

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KFC Chizza meal with mashed potato and softdrinkThe Chizza [cheet-sah] comes in a box. Just like what real pizza looks like when it’s delivered to your doorstep. Pretty smart move, KFC! It actually drives in the idea that you’ll be eating real pizza, not chicken trying to be pizza.

When I flipped the top open, lo and behold! It was a rare moment. The actual product was a doppelganger of the lighting-perfect ads-and-posters version. We all know this seldom happens, right?

The Chizza I had was loaded, as loaded as the Chizza Daniel Padilla is biting into on TV. It looked as mouthwatering, too. The roughly 4×4″ breaded and crunchy chicken fillet was covered with an herb-y tomato sauce and topped with cheese, bell peppers, onions, pineapples, and pepperoni. Already cut into quarters, Chizza calls for no utensils. Simply grab a slice, dig your teeth into it, and savor the surprisingly pizza flavor. Who knew chicken fillet could be a good crust substitute?

Ala carte, KFC’s Chizza costs P125; the Chizza Meal (with mashed potato and a regular-sized drink), P160; Fully Loaded (Chizza, spaghetti, brownie, and softdrink), P195.

KFC’s Chizza is delicious. I liked it so much I even ordered another to bring home for my momma. And she liked it, too! If ever I’ll be at KFC again some time soon, I’ll definitely have the Chizza again.

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KFC's Chizza - Chicken Pizza
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