Oreo Thins – I’m Missing the Creme

Oreo Thins French Vanilla and Tiramisu boxes

When I saw tall, slender boxes of Oreo Thins for the first time, my lips involuntarily curled up. I was excited. Vanilla Delight and Tiramisu. How delicious! I imagined it’s going to be like After Eight Mint, where its cookie-to-creme ratio will be as on point as After Eight’s chocolate-to-mint.

Inside, there are two foil packs, each containing 8 Oreo Thins. Despite being tightly sealed, the sweet, soft scent of vanilla permeates through. It’s incredible. It made me rip the wrapper faster. My expectations were high. If it smells that good, it should taste even better.

French Vanilla Oreo Thins

Time for the taste test…

At first bite, my brows twitched towards each other. Instead of a “mmm”, it was a “huh?” So, I took another to be sure, and then half of a second cookie.

There’s more cookie than creme. 🙁

To be honest, the creme filling is almost indiscernible.  For someone like me who loves regular Oreos but crazy about Double Stuf, Oreo Thins is a letdown.

On the other hand, if you’re my opposite when it comes to Oreos, go for the Thins. You’ll appreciate the barely there state of the creme filling.

As for me, I’m sticking with the Wonderfilled cookies I can twist, lick, and dunk without crumbling.


Price: P41.75

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Oreo Thins - French Vanilla & Tiramisu
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