New! Nesfruta Guyabano Juice Drink

sachets Nesfruta Guyabano tall glass with ice

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Have you seen the new Nesfruta TVC?

Instead of Mommy Cheska it’s Daddy Doug with the ever-adorable little Kendra who’s singing the new jingle. Daddy Doug happily chirps “Yes, yes, yes” and “No, no, no” in response to Kendra’s melodious inquiries and it sounds like Dad can carry a tune or two. Their father-and-daughter tandem pulled it off. The new Nesfruta Guyabano commercial is cute, catchy, and quite compelling.

So, is the actual product as good as the commercial says it is? Is it really “guyaba-licious”, “guya-bango”, and like other Nesfruta fruit juices, “real na real”?

I’ve given it a try and for me, it has delivered it’s promises. It smells like guyabano. It tastes like guyabano. And just like the other flavors, it’s close to the real thing. It’s white and delightfully sweet and sour at the same time, just like the fruit.

My dad who’s also a fan of homemade guyabano smoothie enjoyed it more than I did. No surprise there. And now he has specially requested for it the next time we buy groceries.

Personally, I think Nesfruta Dalandan is still the best they have but this new flavor is a close second. Loaded with ice, a tall glass of Nesfruta Guyabano is a refreshing, Vitamin-C-loaded way to cool down in during this sweltering and scorching season.

Nesfruta Guyabano TV Commercial


Daddy Doug:
Ken-ken, may new Nefruta Guyabano.
Maputi ba?
Yes, yes, yes
Makinis ba?
No, no, no
Kids’ voices:
New Nesfruta!
Yes, yes, yes, yes
Masarap ‘to
Yes, yes, yes, yes
Real na real ‘to
Vitamin C
Nesfruta ‘to
Real na real ‘ to

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Nesfruta Guyabano Powedered Juice Drink
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3 replies
  1. nette
    nette says:

    tried the product myself yesterday….. im not usually a big fan of powdered juice drinks…. i bought a sachet yesterday from the sari sari store nearby….. i filled the pitcher with water and lots of ice and the entire sachet of Nesfruta Guyabano….. i seriously finished the entire pitcher…. grabe ang sarap….. hahaha…. im going to the grocery later and buy more….. im proud for sharing this….

    • Ketchup Girl
      Ketchup Girl says:

      I feel you, Nette! Ngayon pa na sobrang init ng panahon ang sarap uminom ng malamig na malamig na malamig na juice. Yup, ang sarap nitong Nesfruta Guyabano, naging instant favorite pa ng tatay ko. lol

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Naninibago ako sa taste ng Guyabano juice. Parang exotic sya sakin, Nasanayan na kasi mga primary flavors ng juice tas prang weird yung texture ng guyabano kasi prang creamy instead of watery. Same goes to Nesfruta Melon. For me lang ha medyo kadiri, I dont know sa iba


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