Nestea Milk Tea – Boba is the only thing missing!

Nestea Milk Tea Wintermelon and Hokkaido-Style Sachets

Can you still remember when milk tea broke through Bacolod’s food scene? I can say it was a craze. Everyone around me was going out of there way to have a sip of the new cold beverage in town. Never mind that back then you can count the number of milk tea sellers in one hand and never mind that an order can cost more than a third of the daily minimum wage. Milk tea was new. It was the in thing. People just had to try it.

But like any craze, the hype died down, and it has long stepped down from being in vogue to being usual. Fortunately, it’s only the hype that fizzled. Milk tea stayed and rightfully so. Milk tea is smooth, creamy, and powerful to yank apparent temperature several rungs back even in the peak of summer.

And now, you don’t even have to head to milk tea stalls and shoppes to savor this bracing beverage. You can make this in your own home and only at a tenth or less of a milk tea’s typical price.

Nestea Milk Tea

Maybe you’ve seen the new Nestea Milk Tea sachets lying around supermarkets and convenience stores. If you haven’t, search for it on purpose. These green and yellow sachets of instant milk tea delivers the quality and flavors they promise.

Winter Melon

What milk tea lover hasn’t tried a winter-melon-flavored milk tea? It’s arguably the most popular flavor.

Also known as ash gourd, tallow gourd or white gourd to others, winter melon is more familiar to us Filipinos as “kundol”. Yes, the firm but tender, sugar-coated, candied fruit often sold along dilis, casuy, and the famous magic candy — those multicolored edible beads that float inside a plastic bag.

In milk tea, kundol or winter melon lends a distinct taste that’s hard to put into words. You have to try it to know it. And those who’ve tried will not be missing its flavor in the new Nestea Winter Melon Milk Tea.

It’s hard to believe it came from a sachet. Dissolved in cold water and topped with ice, it tastes like the real thing —- sweet, velvety, and refreshing.


Compared to Winter Melon, Hokkaido-style has a more pronounced tea flavor and sweetness, maybe due to its star ingredient — Hokkaido milk, a richer and creamier type of milk only produced in the lush island of Hokkaido, Japan.

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Nestea Mik Tea - Winter Melon and Hokkaido-Style
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