Nescafe Smoovlatte: Velvety Ready-to-Drink Coffee

bottle of nescafe smoovlatte

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The last time I shopped for groceries I saw bottles of Nescafe Smoovlatte sitting beside stacks of Nescafe French Vanilla and White Mocha. I know the #KapeSarapInABox products are new but I wasn’t quite sure about the Smoovlatte. I don’t remember seeing it on TV or drinking one before. The price tag said P37.50*, which I thought was a bit expensive for a 190ml bottle of instant coffee. But afraid of missing out, I got one just in case.

When I got home, I Googled and found out it’s been available here in the Philippines for quite some time. I saw a blog post dated January 24, 2014 about it.

Oh well, it’s a not a new product but I might as well try and write about it, right? I stored it in the fridge, saving it’s caffeine-filled jolting powers for a lazy morning.

And today, this Sunday morning, is the day. I woke up feeling extra-groggy, so I reached for the Smoovlatte bottle that has been chilling inside the fridge for more than a couple of days already.

To my surprise, I liked it. It’s velvety, milky, and sweetened just right. Although the coffee aroma wasn’t as pronounced as I hoped it would be — the cover did say “Smooth and Aromatic Caffé Latte” — it got the “smooth” part down.

Wondering how many calories? One bottle has 110kcal. I’m not sure if it’s a friendly number to weight-watchers but, believe me, Nescafe Smoovlatte is worth it.

*Price at SM Supermarket Bacolod


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