Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken – A Newfound Cheap Thrill

Mr. Kokio Food Stand Lopues East Bacolod

Do you know that happy feeling you get when you’re eating food that’s outrageously delicious for its price? It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you’re already planning your next visit before you even down the last morsel. And as you munch on your new discovery, you can’t help but murmur “yum”, “cheap”, “good”, “delicious”, and “mmm-mmm”  between bites.

In our own dialect, “namit”, “barato”, “sulit”.

This is exactly what happened the first time I tried Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken Bites — deep fried, sauce-laden, bite-sized battered chicken you can conveniently eat in a cup and with a stick. Crave-worthy and surprisingly filling, it’s a steal for P45 (small cup). If only I wasn’t cash-strapped that day, I would have ordered again — the biggest cup to share with the folks at home.

Aside from their best-seller flavor Korean Spicy which you can have “mild” or “extra spicy”, Mr. Kokio offers four other sauces to keep things exciting: Soygarlic, Teriyaki, Honey Glazed, and Sweet and Spicy. And I’ve came back tried them all!

Ranking based on my personal preference:

  • Korean SpicyThe star of the five sauces. Flavor is quite close to my favorite yangnyeom chicken.
  • Sweet and SpicyTastes like sweet and sour sauce with a spicy kick.
  • Soygarlic –  Good but I wish it packs a stronger garlic punch
  • TeriyakiTastes too similar to Soygarlic
  • Honey glaze – Although all sauces are a combination of sweet and savory this one is too sweet for me

Mr. Kokio Sweet and Spicy and Soygarlic Korean Chicken

I’m not a big fan of the last two flavors but I’m definitely coming back for the first three…and Mr. Kokio’s Potato Noisette. It’s pronounced as “nwa-zet” in case you’re wondering (I Googled). For only P5, you can pair Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken with a stick or two of fried mashed potato balls. Crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, the skewered mashed potato balls shouldn’t be missed.

If there’s one thing I can hope for, it’s a better take out container for the bigger servings. A lidded cardboard box would be perfect, enabling us to take our saucy delicious chicken home with a zero chance of disaster.

But for now, regardless of the take out box, I’d still risk it!


Location: 2nd Floor, Lopue’s East Center, Bacolod City

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Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken
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