Mcdo Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken

McDonalds Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken Regular Rice Meal

It seems like McDonald’s trying to match the scintillating temperature in the Philippines right now. Instead of chillers that will tone the heat down, they’ve introduce the New Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo.

Coated in a bright red-orange sauce stippled with minute red particles, this fried chicken is meant to make your cheeks flush and your nose run. Once you take a bite, expect the spice to lance your nostrils from within, make your tastebuds go into a frenzy, and take your apparent temperature up a notch. It’s piquant and savory. Beneath all the heat and spice, the taste of salted margarine is obvious.

McDonalds Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken Rice Meal with French FriesIf you’re like me who can only handle level 1 spiciness but is open to push boundaries (this is important!), have a McDo sundae nearby. You’ll need the dairy to put out the fire in your mouth. Order a large drink, too, to wash it down.

I’m not a big fan of McDo’s New Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken but it’s not because it’s too spicy for my taste. If only it was tangy or sweet or tangy & sweet underneath all the heat, I would have probably enjoyed it.

The regular McDo Spicy Buffalo-Styl Chicken rice meal costs P95, but if it comes with french fries, it’s P115.


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McDonald's Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken
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