Matcha Milk Spread by @SweetJarsbyLala

2 bottles of matcha milk spread

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According to Julia Child, the woman who single-handedly introduced French cuisine to Americans, “A party without cake is really just a meeting.”

I was in one a few weeks back. A literal meeting. There was no cake, just 5 people sitting, planning, and discussing what to do next.

How I wished it was a real party? Talking business gets me hungry. So, when conversations turned light and personal, I reached for my phone and scrolled through snaps of food.

If our “party” doesn’t have cake, I’ll get us one. And not just cake, a buffet.

Ordering from Instagram, I brought in cakes, steaks, burgers, pizza, pasta, and more. I kept them coming until I stumbled into something that made my thumb stop dead on its tracks:

A matcha spread. Green, creamy, divine. A piece of heaven in a bottle.

Like a child believing in the infinite power of magic, I wished I could reach into my screen and dip my fingers into the bottle.

But lucky for me, magic was unnecessary. All I needed was patience.

The matcha spread featured by PepperPH is made by dear Miss Lala, a baker whose love for matcha pushed her to craft matcha milk spread not only for herself but to all matcha lovers she could reach.

Under the Instagram username @sweetjarsbylala, Lala shows off marvelous snapshots of her bottled creations including its delightful pairings with bread, banana, and chocolate.

It’s irresistible!

Thankfully, she caters to provincial clients.

After exchanging messages on Messenger and Viber and a few days of waiting, my matcha spread arrived!!! And I was ecstatic.

Unable to wait until I get home, I opened my 1st bottle minutes after it was delivered. Soft, thick and creamy, it was what I imagined it would be.

As for the taste…

At first, I thought it was a hair too sweet, but after mulling it over and a couple of teaspoonfuls later, I realized the sweetness is on point. The matcha flavor is strong, and its characteristically bitter and astringent undertones linger on the tongue. The sweetness is there to balance it.

All in all, the matcha lover in me couldn’t be happier. Lala’s matcha spread can bring the plainest of breads to life.

Things to Know About Lala’s Matcha Milk Spread

Cost: P160 per bottle

Shelf life: 1 month, must be refrigerated after opening

Courier: LBC/Xend

Shipping cost (Metro Manila): P70

Shipping cost (Provincial): P120 (maximum of 8 bottles per shipment)

Shipment Schedule: Mondays

Delivery time: 2-3 days

Modes of payment: LBC, Cebuana, and BPI Family Bank

How to Get It

Lala is based in “Las Piñas/Parañaque” but she caters to both Metro Manila and provincial clients. Viber (+63-917-824-5252) is her main channel of communication but she’s also active on Facebook Messenger.

To get the ball rolling, all you have to do is get in touch with Lala. Drop her a message and transact away! She’s as  friendly as she’s responsive.

In addition, she’s one proactive seller. As proof that shipment is on the way, Lala takes a picture of the waybill and sends it to the buyer. She’ll also check on you just to make sure the bottles of matcha spread arrived on time and in good condition.

Lala is pleasant, transparent, and trustworthy. Working with her was a breeze.

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