Matcha Latte in Bacolod? They Have It!

matcha green latte with floral milk design

Coffee is not only the drink that can give you a buzz. Matcha can do the trick as well, maybe even better. To tea-crazed customers who’d love to drink tea that has body, milk, and a strong punch of flavor, here are the cafes and tea stands I know that serve matcha latte, hot or cold, in Bacolod.


My personal favorite is Starbuck’s Hot Green Tea Latte. Sadly, I couldn’t have it as much as I’d love to. As of now, we only have one Starbucks here and I’d have to go out of my way if I want one. Plus, the price is a bit steep for more-than-occasional consumption.


Serenetea offers a potent matcha conconction at P155. Located at SM like Mang Cha-a, it’s a convenient matcha latte source. If you want to pull an allnighter or stay up late to catch up on movies and TV series, this will stop the zzz’s from coming.

Peats and Beans

Peats and Beans is located at The Billboard, more popularly known to us Bacolodnons as “Bangga Ramos.” Aside from concocting a mean cup of matcha latte the other thing I like about this cafe/bar is that it’s usually quiet. It’s a great place if you want to lay back and enjoy conversations sans booming music in the background.

365 Cafe

It’s nice to have a cup of coffee after a great meal, but at 365 Cafe you have the option to trade that cup of joe with a cup of matcha latte. Frothy, creamy and pretty with milk flowers, 365 Cafe’s matcha latte goes well with a slice of cake, too.

Negrense Cafe

Orange and cozy, Negrense Cafe is  located along BS Aquino Drive, across Doctor’s Hospital. For a small cafe, they have an impressive menu. They serve salads, pasta dishes, burgers, complete meals and desserts. But unsurprisingly, it’s their Matcha Green Latte that called to me. A regular cup costs P70 while a large cup costs P90.

Mang Cha-a

Mang Cha-a serves a cup for only P55. It’s okay but it’s a bit weak for my taste. I personally love my matcha latte strong, the green, earthy, slightly astringent flavor mingling nicely with the sweetness of sugar.

Tom and Toms

Tom and Toms’ green tea latte reminds of me of Mang Cha-a’s. It’s mild and light, tasting like it’s mostly milk with only a hint of matcha. The price is, of course, more expensive. But Tom and Toms’ ambiance, fast internet connection, and 24/7 service makes up it for it nicely.


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Matcha Latte in Bacolod? They Have It!
If you're wondering which cafes or tea places serve matcha latte, also known as green tea latte, here in Bacolod, these are the places I know.
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