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Malaspina Inasalan – Away from Manokan Country, But Home to Authentic Bacolod Chicken

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Without a doubt, Manokan Country is the true home of our Bacolod chicken inasal. It’s so famous it overshadows the name of the street it’s at. Does anyone know the name of that street without checking Google Maps? Maybe some do but surely not a lot.  Standing low yet tall along (let’s name it!) Father M. Ferrero St., the various inasalans pride themselves as the “orig” in Bacolod.

And yes that’s true. Most of the names stamped across the overhead signs are the pioneers of Bacolod chicken.

However, it doesn’t mean that just because the “orig” is there, you can’t find chicken inasal that’s as authentic and delicious anywhere else.

Away from Manokan Country But One of the Best Chicken Inasal

In fact, you can find one of the tastiest and juciest Bacolod chicken at Malaspina Inasalan, an eatery located behind the Golden Sun Finance building at one of the intersection corners of Lopez Jaena St. and L. N. Agustin Drive,  formerly and more popularly known as Malaspina St. If you’re a Bacolodnon, you’ve probably dropped by this place or at least heard about it. If you haven’t, then you really should.

Personally, I’ve seen how Malaspina Inasalan grew. It used to be what people would only refer to as “inasalan sa bangga” (barcbecue stand at the street corner). Small and nameless. It’s nothing but a simple home business of selling chicken inasal and other skewered goodies like chorizo, pan de siosa, tocino, pork barbecue, and hotdogs in the afternoon, targeting people who live nearby.

Why do I know this? I’m one of those who lived nearby, and still do.

But now, it’s a whole new different story. The “inasalan sa bangga” has an official name and it’s not only people nearby who pay them a visit. Thanks to word of mouth, Malaspina Inasalan has become popular. Bacolodnons all over the city have heard about them and more and more head their way to enjoy a scrumptious dinner of Bacolod chicken. Even if their dining area is cramped and furnished with the most unassuming tables and chairs, Malaspina Inasal doesn’t fail to draw a crowd six days a week.

Their menu has also grown. Aside from other chicken parts and offal, it now includes porkchop, pork belly, and meaty fish slices as main items.

Personally, I take comfort from the thought that Malaspina Inasalan is literally an “inasalan sa bangga” for me. Whenever I crave for “paa”, pork barbecue, and other inasalan hits, the solution is just within walking distance. As long as it’s not a Sunday, I’ll be fine.

Location and Store Hours


Address and Store Hours:

LN Avenue Drive corner Lopez Jaena St, Bacolod City (Behind Golden Sun)
Opens late in the afternoon, around 4pm, from Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sundays

Prices as of April 2016:

Petso/Paa – P55
Pakpak – P45
Drumstick – P30
Isol – P45
Batikulon – P12
Tina-e – P6
Dugo – P8
Chorizo – P23
Hotdog – P15
Tocino – P10

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Malaspina Inasalan - Away from Manokan Country, But Home to Authentic Bacolod Chicken
Malaspina Inasalan is a barbecue eatery in Bacolod that serves authentic chicken inasal.
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