Magnum White Almond – Ticket to White Chocolate Heaven

Magnum White Almond - vanilla ice cream covered in white chocolate and almonds

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Rejoice white chocolate lovers! Magnum White Almond is your ticket to white chocolate heaven.

As soon as your teeth sinks into the thick white chocolate cover and the smooth, oh-so-creamy vanilla ice cream, you’ll hear a symphony of cherubic voices and you can’t help but smile. The first bite will teleport you to somewhere light and bright you’d think you walked into a White Christmas postcard. It’s that divine.

Of course, what else can you expect from the Magnum name? We went crazy when the Magnum classic first came out. The other flavors that followed are just as lucious.

white almond magnum cross-sectionAnd now we have this: The Magnum White Almond

Studded with almond bits, the white chocolate shell is heavenly. One bite and you know it’s indeed premium. It reminded me of the white chocolate variants of the brands I love — Toblerone, Hershey’s, Lindt, Ritter Sport. The delicate and delightful cocoa butter flavor comes through solidly and once it melts and blends with the silky vanilla ice cream inside your mouth, it’s bliss.

On the other hand, the almond bits lend a delectable nutty crunch. It gives you something to munch on, a welcome break on the otherwise extremely creamy texture.

It’s still a long way before summer officially starts. After all, the Pinoy Christmas season has just begun. The nights have just started to grow longer and colder (literally!) and based on experience, the temperature will drop a few more degrees before it goes back to normal again.

But even though we’re on our country’s “cool season” right now and even if the breeze literally sends chill down my spine or it’s raining cats and dogs and the-weather-fogs-up-the-glass kind of cold, I won’t mind having a Magnum White Chocolate Almond. I’ll shiver, but no worries. I can always wrap my body in a sweater or launch into burpees to bring the heat up.

Believe me, the 230 calories of each Magnum White Almond and the P65 you’ll shell out are worth it.

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