Magnum Infinity – Intense Dark Chocolate Experience

magnun infinity individually wrapped ice cream

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Eating ice cream is not a smart move when  a persistent dry cough keeps you awake at night. I haven’t slept straight these past few nights due to an invisible hairy caterpillar lodged in my throat. I’m well into my third pack of Strepsils and I’m sure the number of Bisolvon capsules I’ve popped into my mouth already consitutes a handful.

magnum infinity chocolate caramel inside shell coatingBut then, Magnum Infinity is out, promising an “intense chocolate experience”. The flavors — Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry — are too hard to resist. I shouldn’t miss that, should I?

Despite my itchy esophagus, I let the pleasure seeker in me out and experience the Magnum Infinity promise: “chocolate intensity that lasts.”

The Verdict

To be totally honest, Magnum Infinity didn’t blew my socks off like White Almond did. But it did deliver what you’d expect from the Magnum name: rich, luxurious ice cream on a stick. The Belgian chocolate shell is thick, delightfully bittersweet and flecked with cocoa bits as promised. The strong dark chocolate flavor kept the overall sweetness just right. The ice cream inside is velvety and swirled with either pink for raspberry or light yellow for caramel.

Both are gratifying, perfect for cooling off on a hot day or rewarding yourself just because you want to. But if I have to choose, Chocolate Caramel is the better of the two. It’s a classic pairing; the flavors never go wrong with each other.

magnum infinity chocolate raspberry inside the shellOn the other hand, Chocolate Raspberry delivers a striking combination. The fruity tang of rapberries cuts through the taste of chocolate. It reminds me of Cadbury Snack Box, a block of chocolate squares filled with fruit-flavored mousse. It’s dgood but my vote goes to Chocolate Caramel.

Price and Calories

Magnum Infinity costs P60. Chocolate Caramel has 240 calories while Chocolate Raspberry Has 230 calories.

So, was it worth risking the healing of my respiratory boo-boo? Yes, it sure was and I enjoyed every bite of it. Besides I shared it with Mom. I only ate half of what I was supposed to.

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Magnum Infinity - Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry
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