Lucky Me Pancit Canton Makeover – OMG! O-mazing! O-some!

pancit canton Lucky Me curly noodles O shape

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Have you seen the new Lucky Me Pancit Canton commercial? The Megastar Sharon Cuneta is crying O-MG, O-some, and O-mazing on the new and improved noodles. She seems so thrilled and happy that the old favorite has  “levelled-up and gotten a “makeover”.

Instead of the old brick-shape, the raw noodles are now arranged into an approximately 1 inch-thick disc. Hence, the O reference (bring your fingers tips together, the left ones to the right ones, and form a big O while reading this). Still yellow and curly, the individual strands are now flatter in comparison to the old one.

Don’t be surprised if the new pancit canton noodles reminds you of Nissin’s Yakisoba. The O-mazing version of Lucky Me Pancit Canton resembles it.

I guess change is good, as long as its for the better.

But I have a confession. The first time I saw the commercial I had an intense silent reaction. Before the commercial ended, I was crying a resounding and reverberating WHYYYYYYY??? inside my head. WHY FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN? WHY CHANGE A CLASSIC THAT’S FREAKING GOOD? I knew I had to make sure they didn’t ruin the pancit canton I love.

And I did. I bought packets of my favorite flavors — Calamansi and Sweet and Spicy — and tried it for myself, hoping the taste is still the same. Thankfully, it still is and I’m glad.

Then, there’s also one other thing I did. I did realize I overreacted. Seriously?! Getting riled up over an instant pancit canton is ridiculous. Lucky Me is not phasing the product out. They just changed improved it.

My reaction surprised me too and I’ve chided myself for it. Huwag OA teh, OK? 😀

It’s just that I have fond memories tied to Lucky Me Pancit Canton. When I was still in college, my friends and I would often go straight from uni to my house and hangout. Our main “pamahaw” (snack in Hiligaynon) was Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

If there were 5 of us, we would buy 5 packets or more, depending on how hungry we were. We would cook them all into one big batch of pancit canton. With a loaf of bread and a litre of Coke, we’re “solb!” We’d keep on talking and laughing long after the last pancit canton strand was gone.

Until now, many many years after we threw our graduation caps, I am still reminded of those happy afternoons every time I eat Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Life was simpler then and it’s one of the fondest memories I have.

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  1. evan
    evan says:

    yes, it has totally improved yet it still got that same taste that we ever loved. I love this makeover that they made kasi naumay na rin ako sa dating noodles at nakakatakot yung mga imitation ng china ng pancit canton. so thank goodness na rin that finally they made this change. dati ko pa din naiimagine na maging flat ang noodles ng pancit canton like yakisoba and there it is.. sobrang sarap sa feeling… haaay 😀

    • Ketchup Girl
      Ketchup Girl says:

      Yes true, mas maganda texture ng noodles ngayon pero ang flavor same pa din which is good kasi di nabago. Masarap na kasi as it is. =)

  2. Billy
    Billy says:

    Why fix something that isnt broke? Eh un nga ginawa nila eh, mas masarap ung dati. Walang nabago sa flavoring/seasoning pero ung noodles, nag iba, di na tulad ng dati. Marami na rin nagsabi na hindi nila gusto ung bago kaso mukhang pinaphase out na nila ung dati. Pero siguro ayos din yun para mabawasan pagkain ko ng canton. Sayang lang dahil di na siya ganun kasarap. 🙁

      • Ketchup Girl
        Ketchup Girl says:

        Talaga? Di ko napuna na may nag iba sa lasa. Sa texture lg meron, mas firm na sha ngayon. Pero observe ko nga yung lasa ulit next time na kumain ako.


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