Lucky Me Lomi, Not for Summer but Perfect for Rainy Weather

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One of the perks of usually working from home is having the freedom to turn the TV on, occasionally glance at it, and use it as background noise. It also gives me the opportunity to watch out for new food product ads I can BUY, try, and review.

Lately I’ve noticed the prominence of powdered juice, ready-to-drink beverage, ice cream, and halo-halo commercials. All of them have one theme: beating the summer heat.

Food and drink companies are apparently banking on the insufferable temperatures of summer. Iced juices, chilled beverages, and scoops of ice cream make a strong case for this season’s scintillating weather.

But one product has gone against this trend: Lucky Me Lomi. Meant to be served and eaten hot (of course!), it goes against the idea of “chilling” during summer. Who would want to eat a bowl of steaming lomi when all your sweat glands are working double time?

I wouldn’t. Would you?

But the white guy on the Lucky Me Batangas Lomi commercial doesn’t seem to mind, does he? He happily chowed down the bowl of lomi that has curly noodles and “sabaw na malasa” (savory broth).

Lucky Me probably has a huge faith on this product, believing it would deliver sales even though it goes against logical food choices during summer.

Just to satisfy my curiosity and make sure I don’t miss anything new and delicious, I tried Lucky Me Lomi. I had it for breakfast, the coolest meal time of the day for now.

I can’t say I’ve tried authentic Batangas Lomi before, but I’ve eaten “regular” lomi, the kind served at Chinese restaurants. I remember thick noodles, vegetable slices, seafood balls, and thick, cloudy broth. Hot and hearty, lomi is an ideal comfort food on a cold, rainy day.

lucky me lomi foil pack bowl noodles

Lucky Me’s Special Lomi is perhaps as good as an instant lomi could be. The noodles are flat but they’re not as wide as real lomi noodles. The broth is thick, looking as if an egg was stirred in at the last moment. Although there are no vegetable slices and seafood chunks and you can sink your teeth into, it’s tastes like real lomi.

I would gladly have another bowl again, but not any time soon, not until the searing heat of summer dies down and gives way to cooler climate.


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