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I don’t know if it was fate, but I saw Locally PH’s sponsored Instagram post while I was still at the final stages of getting over my disappointment in  Del Monte’s Pineapple Pomelo and Pineapple Lychee.

A lone bottle of You’ve Dandalandan It Again lies at the center of the image, looking inviting, surrounded by leaves and slices of dalandan. Instinctively I clicked on the profile and thumbed through the snaps. Hip, cool, trendy photos of their bottled juices came one after the other.

You’ve Dalandan It Again is not alone. Locally PH has three more comical but cute flavors: Tamarind My Bell, Kamias You Are, and Mangosteenie Miney Mo. Two-thumbs up to the brains behind these quirky names. You’re putting a smile on every drinker’s face before they even raise the bottle to their lips.

After getting my fill of Locally PH’s Instagram posts, I made a mental note: Next time I stumble into a 7-11 store I’ll try them out.

And I did. Stepping into the 7-11 nearest to our home, I eyed the beverage section immediately. Locally PH juice bottles line the top shelf of the fridge. I grabbed one of each available flavor: Dalandan It Again, Kamias You Are, and Tamarind My Bell. Unfortunately, Mangosteenie Miney Mo wasn’t available.

Holding three bottles with both hands, I was already on my way to the counter when I realized I forgot to check the price tag. A little wary of how much it will cost, I laid the bottles on the counter. Smartly packaged, Locally PH juices don’t look cheap. So I kept my eyes on the register monitor, waitng for the price to appear as the cashier scanned the first bottle.

P40! P40 for each 350ml bottle!

Not bad.

Considering Locally PH juices come in sturdy glass bottles, I expected it to be pricier. Feeling a little relieved, I knew I already got my money’s worth even if I’d hate what’s inside. Like the several Cocio bottles I already have, I’ll be using Locally PH’s glass bottles as personal water containers at home.

Dandalandan It Again

I tried Dandalandan It Again first and I liked it. It tastes like real dalandan, citrusy sweet but tart. Drank ice cold, it will quench your thirst just right.

However, the flavor could be brighter. Although I wouldn’t mind having it again, it’s a tad too ripe for my taste.

In addition, the calorie count is a whopping 300 cal. I did a double take when I saw the number. The same amount of Coke only has 147 calories.

But on second thought, it’s not that bad. A bottle of Dandalandan It Again covers 200% of our daily Vitamin C need.


Unlike Coke’s, Dandalandan It Again’s calories are not empty.

Kamias You Are

For us Bacolodnons, we know kamias as “iba”, those green, oblong, thumb-sized fruits that grow in clusters. Like batwan, it’s a popular souring agent for savory and brothy dishes such as sinigang, nilaga, and our Ilonggo specialty, kansi.

It’s also a great fruit for pickling. My mom turns them into two kinds of  pickles whenever she gets her hands on them: iba slices in syrup or salted iba stored in large bottles.

I tried eating them raw once and I will never do it again. It’s too sour without any redeeming quality.

So I had my doubts seeing it as a fruit juice. For cooking and pickling it’s great. For juicing, I’ve never thought of kamias that way. Have you?

My curiosity beat my sense of logic though, and I tried it anyway. Out of the three flavors, I expected it to be the most acidic. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. Yes, it’s still sour but not as much as I’d expected.

The kamias-essence was undeniable but it was sweet, clean, and refreshing. I love it.

Like Dandalandan It Again, Kamias You Are is also relatively high in calories. According to its Nutrition Facts, it has 290 calories but it serves 220% of our daily Vitamin C RENI.

Tamarind My Bell

I guess this one’s a playful take on the almost ancient disco hit, “Ring My Bell.” You can ring may behhhhh-he-hel, ring my bell. 

Of course, millennials wouldn’t recognize this song. But those born in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s could surely hum it out. Admit it!

Among the three I find this the funniest. And it’s also my favorite. I enjoy the sweet-and-tart taste of tamarind. Every sip just makes me want to drink more.

It reminds me of a Vietnamese tamarind drink I like. I can’t remember the name (it’s hard to) but it has shaved iced, peanuts, and sugary dried coconut strips.

Tamarind My Bell has the lowest number of calories: 270, and it also has the lowest amount of Vitamin C, providing only 25% of the daily RENI.


Don’t get me wrong. Tamarind My Bell is delicious and I’d have it again regardless of Vitamin C content, but if only it reached 100% RENI I would have been happier.

I wish I can try Mangosteenie Miney Mo soon. If it gives justice to the sweet, pulpy fruit, I’m sure I would love it too.

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  1. Jona Roo
    Jona Roo says:

    Hi, ate ketcup girl!
    While waiting for my ride to arrive, I went to Ministop to buy myself a drink and eat so I have something munch on. It took me awhile to grab what I want to buy so I ended up getting the Milo and a bag of chip.. Walking to the counter to pay, I saw a strange drink that I haven’t seen before. I looked at it to see what it was. The style of the writing and the design reminds me of something you’d post on Instagram. You’ve Dandalandan It Again is what pushed me to buy a bottle (I love dalandan drinks haha.) I was curious what Kamias is, but I thought to myself ‘I know what it is but I can’t figure it out how to looks like’. I remember eating it when I was young, so with that I bought Kamias You Are and Dandalandan It Again. The excitement got the best of me, so I opened Dandalandan It Again first. God, the drink is so refreshing I wanted to drink it in one go, but I want to save it till I get home. I was having doubt opening the Kamias You Are because it might be sour just like eating the fruit itself. But I was wrong! The drink is so refreshing! I felt sad when I finished it. I am coming back to the store and buy everything. HAHA!

    • Ketchup Girl
      Ketchup Girl says:

      And at P40, it’s a steal! Try mo din yung Tamarind My Bell. It’s my favorite among the 4 flavors. Kakaibang “kilig-asim”. LOL


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