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450 ml bottle lipton iced green tea

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I’m not a “pa-healthy” person. I eat chicken skin with relish. I get a kick out of spooning bone marrow into my mouth. I love capping meals with a slice of blueberry cheesecake. But green tea, a definite frontrunner in the “pa-healthy” category, lifts me up like no other drink can. Whether I drink it on an empty stomach in the morning or as atonement for a sinful meal, I enjoy every sip.

I’m a sucker for green tea. Say it and I’m in. The words matcha, sencha, and gyokuro have the same effect, too. If I see those words on the menu — beverages, desserts, and maybe even main courses — I’ll have that.

It also applies when I’m scouring supermarket aisles.

The other day, I was at SM Supermarket and I saw bottles filled with light yellow-green liquid line a huge area of their chilled beverage section. From afar, I could make out the Lipton logo. I got curious and a little excited. It’s yellow-green. It must be green tea!

And it was!

I grabbed a bottle of Lipton Iced Green Tea, silently saying to myself, “I’m trying this out no matter what.” As if someone’s stopping me, right? And it’s not like I’m on the verge of jumping off a 50-ft cliff and plummet into the raging sea. I don’t understand but green tea has a way with me.

One time someone I know said, “Ikaw basta may green tea, namit para sa imo.” LOL

So, is Lipton Iced Green Tea “namit” for me? YES, a hundred percent YES!

It’s light, bright, and earthy. Although the aroma and the flavor isn’t as strong as the cup(s) of green tea I consume almost everyday, the qualities I love are present. In addition, the hint of lemon cuts through nicely, taking it’s refreshing quality up a notch. Although I sensed a slight astringency after a few sips, I didn’t mind. In fact, it made me like the “New Improved Taste” of Lipton Iced Green Tea more.

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