Kitkat Green Tea – Introducing Matcha to More People in the Phils

4 matcha covered Kitkat wafers

Kitkat Green Tea, or should I say Kitkat Matcha, is delightful. It’s the same slim, crunchy wafers we’ve loved but this time matcha dissolved into creamy white chocolate takes the place of chocolate. Instead of looking dark and brown, Kitkat wafers look verdant, enticing and lush like Japan’s Mount Aino and Mount Tate…not that I’ve even been there.

Kitkat did not only introduce a relatively new product to the Philippines, but they also shone the spotlight on a marvelous, splendid and one-of-a-kind flavor and product: MATCHA, powdered green tea that lies in the heart of Japan’s traditional and celebrated tea ceremony.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I am in love with matcha, and Kitkat Green Tea packs a strong matcha taste. But at 90 calories per serving (two wafers, I know I have to watch my gusto or else I’ll eat several servings in one go.

Ever since I had my first sip of Starbucks’ hot green tea latte, I was a goner. I fell head over heels, and my love affair with matcha has never stopped and probably never will. I’m always on the lookout for match flavored products and whenever I’m at a cafe, I instinctively look for the word “green tea” or “matcha” on the menu. If it’s there, then I’m having it.

Matcha has a wonderful flavor and I wish from the bottom of my matcha-and-green-tea loving heart that there will be more matcha and green tea products for us to enjoy here in the Philippines.

I’m glad that some cafe’s here in Bacolod have started serving matcha drinks, especially lattes. If you want to know where you can sip matcha lattes in Bacolod, here are cafe’s and tea stands I know that serve it.


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