JJC’s Malunggay Revel Bars – Jireh’s Homemade Sweet Tooth Pleaser

JJC Sticker Label - Malunggay Revel Bars

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jjc malunggay revel bars inside boxSweet, chewy and fudgy. When these three adjectives are strung together it could only mean one thing. A scrumptious goodie is coming.

These are the perfect words to describe JJC’s Malunggay Revel Bars. It has three layers: two slabs of oatmeal cookie dough sandwiching a sweet chocolate layer. Cracked and flecked with bits of malunggay, the top layer gives way to a soft gooey center and a browned bottom layer. The trio comes together in every bite, turning into a dense, oat-y, chocolate-y mouthful.

It’s delicious.

Although it’s branded as “Nutri Treats”, it doesn’t taste “healthy” at all. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. Clearly created to make people crave, the revel bars don’t betray the slightest hint of malunggay flavor. You see the bits but you don’t taste them. One bite and you’ll know the baker didn’t scrimp on the good stuff: butter, sugar, flour, eggs and most importantly chocolate.

However, the full, gratifying flavor made me curious. How does the nutritional value of malunggay stack up against the not-so-nutritious combination of the “good” stuff? Malunggay is a superfood but I wonder if the amount is enough to offset the sugar and carbs.

I’m no dietitian but, honestly, I think it’s not that strong. It tastes so good to be considered nutritious. And I don’t mind a single bit. It’s yummy and that’s what matters most, for me at least.

But to moms out there, hand it out to your kiddos with caution. I bet it’s as “potent” as any other sweet treat out there.

A Little Bit About the Baker

JJC Family - Jireh, Baby Jai-jai and CyrusJJC stands for Jireh, Jairus, and Cyrus, a family of three whose business ventures are spearheaded by mommy dearest, Jireh Grace.

I’ve known Ji, pronounced as Jahy (say it differently and you’re dead — just kidding!), for nearly three years. We used to work from home and I met her for the first time during our Christmas party. And it was clear right from the start: Ji is a baker and a businesswoman.

She had stacks of thin crispy oatmeal cookies for our workmates who ordered in advance. I looked on as she handed them out one by one, thinking why I had no idea about that. If I knew, I would have ordered, too. Thankfully, the spirit of giving was in the air that day. Ji had extras for everyone to share.

Little did I know that free sampling is going to be the first of many. Working with Ji means tasting baked treats in exchange for an honest opinion. So far I’ve tasted cookies, brownies, macaroons, crinkles, muffins, cakes, and most importantly, the malunggay revel bars, which IMHO the best baked goodie Ji has whipped up in her kitchen!

The oats, the thick chocolate center, and the dense texture come together nicely, making every bar a satisfying treat to munch on. However, as much as I enjoy JJC’s Malunggay Revel bars, I’d love it to have a darker chocolate flavor. I’m a fan of bittersweet chocolate desserts and if Ji would create a dark chocolate variant, wink wink, I’d be first in line for an advance order. 🙂


For orders, contact Jireh Grace


Box of 16 for P220


0917 995 7485

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