Garlic Overload with Guilly’s Garlic in Oil

6 bottles of Guilly's Garlic in Oil stacked to form a pyramid

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Garlic is one of the few ingredients in the world that don’t have a substitute.  If your recipe calls for it and you don’t have a single clove on hand, cooking would have to wait. You know your dish won’t be as good without it.

Although garlic seldom takes the starring role in the culinary world, it’s irreplaceable. This spicy, pungent bulb gives gazillions of savory dishes oomph. Without it, the flavor wouldn’t seem right.

But on occasions where it has to be the star of the dish, garlic can step up as nicely. Garlic pasta, garlic pizza, garlic bread, and so many more.

Most importantly, garlic can stand alone.

Garlic chips, anyone? How about crispy garlic bits in oil?

The latter sounds like a perfect condiment for us Filipinos, especially Bacolodnons who love “mantika” and fried garlic on rice when eating our city’s number 1 specialty, chicken inasal.

Guilly’s Chili Garlic in Oil – Condiment Perfect for Bacolodnons

Good thing we have one zealous lady who has mastered the skill of turning raw, unpleasant garlic into brown, fragrant, crispy bits. Ms. Guilly Bausin, bottling fried crunchy garlic bits submerged in the same oil it was cooked in, makes it easy for everyone who’d love to add a garlic-ious layer of flavor to food. Ranging from a hint of zing to an explosion of spiciness, Guilly’s Chili Garlic in Oil comes in three variants: mild, hot & spicy, and exxxtra hot.

And don’t dare think its only match is siomai! It pairs well with any savory food. Imagine your favorite adobo with a garlicky kick. How about sinigang? Grilled liempo? Or even a lone, humble fried egg?

Personally, I love scooping it on hot, steaming rice. Nothing gets better than that. The moment I mix it in, “diet” would have to wait another day.

Just in case you’re wondering about the oil, it’s canola, a healthy cooking oil high in unsaturated fats (the good kind of fat). Although Guilly’s Garlic in Oil isn’t exactly waistline-friendly, it’s easy on your heart and arteries.

Where can I buy one?

You can directly order from Bacolod’s Queen of Crispy Chili Garlic herself. You can reach her through mobile phone: 0932 655 0834 or 0917 303 9980

Or Facebook, GuillysChiliGarlic, and send her a message.


P.S. Full disclosure,  Guilly and I are friends but I’m raving about her product simply because I love it. 🙂

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