Fortunella Premium Sweet Red Wine Review


Wines are seldom labelled Dry or Sweet outright. Most of the time it’s the grape variety that’s prominently stamped across the label — cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, and many more. So, for a sweet wine hunter like me, I was thrilled when I saw the words “PREMIUM SWEET RED WINE” on a Fortunella Vino Rosso bottle.

Unfortunately, this is probably another case of vague wine descriptions. Yes, it’s sweet alright but they forgot to mention the sour and bitter notes that overtake the sweetness in less than a second. It’s sweet at first but I barely had time to appreciate it. The flavor switched to sour and it lingered. Once I gulped it down, my mouth went dry a little.

If it’s any consolation to this wine, Fortunella Premium Sweet Red Wine does smell sweet. Underneath the obvious alcohol scent, the smell of berries pops.

However, if you’re into sweet wine, then you’ll probably sneer at this, unless you’re into sweet AND vinegary. To salvage the bottle I bought, I’m keeping it in the fridge, on standby for cooking. As for drinking, a definite no. It’s barely tolerable to say the least.

Price: P233
Country of Origin: Spain
Alcohol Content: 10%
Volume: 750ml
Corkscrew needed? No

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Fortunella Premium Sweet Red Wine
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