Denmark’s Cocio Chocolate Milk is Now in the Philippines

cocio chocolate milk dark

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“Ay abi ko 28 pesos lg, tag 60 galeh!” (I thought it was only P28 but in fact its P60!)

My mother prattled as she put her bags of groceries down. When my Dad and I asked her what it was about, she showed us a bottle of Cocio chocolate drink.

I haven’t tasted it before. I haven’t seen it before. I haven’t heard of it before.

Curious, I took the bottle from her and examined the label.

Cocio. Since 1951.

Woah! It’s been in the business for more than 50 years. Amazing. I scrutinized the label more and found out even more amazing details:

  • Cocio contains nothing but cocoa milk, and sugar. That’s it!
  • It uses UTZ-certified cocoa. So that means Cocio is concerned about the cocoa sector in Central America, helping ensure that cocoa is grown, harvested, and sold in a “responsible way”.
  • The glass bottle is widely recyclable. Cool! But I’m not letting this one go. I’ll be using it as my personal water bottle at home.
  • It’s a product from DENMARK — one of top countries that produce the best chocolate in the world. And that also explains the shock-factor my mom experienced. LOL

choco milk cocio calories and nutritional informationI followed the advice printed on the bottle: Serve ice cold. I drank it after more than 12 hours of chilling inside the fridge.

And boy, it was exquisite! Like silk but liquid. I bet even if it’s steaming hot, it would taste as good, too.

Cocio is rich but surprisingly refreshing. And knowing that I’m drinking nothing but cocoa, milk, and sugar made the experience even better. It’s indulging yourself but with less guilt. Cocio is definitely the healthier chocolate milk.

I’ve only tried Cocio Dark, and I can’t wait to try the Cocio Classic! The next time I make a trip to the supermarket, I won’t be leaving without at least a few bottles of Cocio clinking inside my bag of groceries.

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