Coco Mocha & Berry Mocha – New Nescafe Flavors

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When it comes to instant coffee in the Philippines, Nescafe leads the pack. Relentless in releasing new products, it keeps Filipinos, especially coffee lovers, buzzed and on their toes for what’s new, what’s chilling, and what’s brewing. For example, Smoovlatte and Ready-to-Drink French Vanilla and White Mocha.

And now two new instant coffee flavors has hit the supermarket shelves: Coco Mocha & Berry Mocha.

Now, don’t they sound interesting and intriguing? Personally, I’m not crazy about coffee but I couldn’t resist. Seeing the flavors “Coco Mocha” and “Berry Mocha” stamped across the coffee sachets got me curious and excited. I have to try those even just once.

Nescafe Coco Mocha

cup nescafe coco mocha 2 sachets

I read “Coco Mocha” but “Choco Mocha” registered in my brain.  Talk about dwindling mental dexterity. I get that at times especially when I’m excited or devilishly hungry.

And it didn’t end there. I launched into a haughty monologue inside my head. “Coco Mocha? Won’t that be redundant? Mocha means coffee with chocolate. Now why would they call it that? These Nescafe dudes are seriously committing a mistake. Sheesh!”

Then it dawned on me. It’s probably “COCO” for coconut. Not cocoa. Not chocolate. I debated with myself for nothing and it made feel stupid for a second, too. But that silent little tirade with myself got me even more excited to give Coco Mocha a try. I had it piping hot, adding just enough water to keep my cup of coffee rich, sweet and dark.

Coco Mocha is delicious. Although it’s basically the usual mocha latte but this time with a hint of coconut, it still is a deletectable way to start your morning with a caffeine kick.

Nescafe Berry Mocha

If I had to choose between these two new flavours, I’ll pick Berry Mocha. Unlike the first time I tried Coco Mocha, I had Berry Mocha iced. And boy, it was luscious! It tasted like cold mocha latte stirred with a small scoop of strawberry ice cream. It was creamy and refreshing.

I know I’ve already said it. I’m not crazy about coffee, but I’m crazy about this one. Especially now that the afternoons are getting  insufferable, iced Berry Mocha is a great way to cool down.

Here’s how I made my iced Berry Mocha coffee:

In a tall, thick glass, pour two sachets of Nescafe Berry Mocha. Add hot water, just enough to dissolve the powdered coffee mix. Maybe, 1/3 cup. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add cold water if you’d like to thin it out.

These two new Nescafe flavors are worth a try. One sachet costs only P6. So grab an armload of Berry Mocha and Coco Mocha. Whether drank hot or cold, they’ll make your mornings and afternoons mocha-licious.

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      • Ryan
        Ryan says:

        It really doesn’t have any coconut flavor in it. If you look at the back of the sachet, at the upper right corner, it simply says “blend of roasted coffee and rich chocolate.” I got intrigued by the redundancy too.


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