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Sometimes, you can tell a product’s popularity based on the shelf space allocated to it at supermarkets. I was surprised that Cocio only had a few bottles worth of width the last time I made a trip to Robinson’s supermarket.

But whyyyyy? It’s a delightful chocolate drink. Although it’s a tad pricey compared to those we can sip from boxes, it’s worth it. It’s healthier — nothing but chocolate, milk and sugar — and there’s no need to throw away anything after. The bottle is nice and personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing several of it line our fridge. They make for great water bottles.

It’s been a while since I had my first ever Cocio — Cocio Dark — and I’d been looking forward to tasting the Classic. Finally, I got my chance. Cocio Classic is as exquisite as the Cocio Dark. The chocolate flavor is lighter, of course. But because of that, you get to appreciate the just-right sweetness and creaminess of this choco milk more.

I also learned a few more tidbits about Cocio:

  • It’s pronounced sa co-key-oh. “Key” like the one you use to open a lock. I’d been pronouncing it all wrong, saying co-sho, co-sho, co-sho. Thankfully, none of the people I mentioned it to know the product yet.
  • Danes usually pair it with a hotdog.
  • Eva Mendes once starred in a Cocio commercial.
  • Anker Pallesen, the founder, perfected the recipe with his wife at their home kitchen in 1951.
  • Until now, this chocolate milk drink is still produced in Esbjerg, Denmark, Cocio’s original town.

It would be a shame if Cocio is pulled out of our grocery shelves here in the Philippines. So to the makers of Cocio, please please launch a nationwide TV ad soon. Let more Filipinos know about this luscious chocolate milk.

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