Jollibee’s Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog – Good, Could be Better

Jollibee's Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog

It was only last July when Jollibee introduced a twist on one of their classics: the Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak. Instead of gravy and mushroom slices, the beef patty or patties bathe in a smokey sweet chili sauce and topped with corn kernels.

Now, just two months later, another classic got a new spin. Jollibee’s popular hotdog sandwich is alone no more. Aside from the Cheesy Classic that has been on the menu since forever, now there’s Jolly Hotdog Chili Cheese.

On this version, ground beef chili topped with a zigzag of cheese sauce takes the place of grated cheddar cheese, dressing and ketchup.

Is it good?

It is but it could be better.

The unmistakable taste, scent, and heat of taco seasoning come through and the cheese sauce is rich and sharp. However, as I chomped on my Texan-inspired hotdog sandwich, I can’t help but feel something’s missing. Although the taste is far from bland, the texture is quite boring.

I could be wrong but I think a medley of chopped tomatoes and onions would have made the New Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog amazing. Aside from the addition of bright flavors, the crunch of fresh tomatoes and onions would improve the texture immensely.

But don’t take my word for it. The new Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog isn’t bad. I just feel it’s missing a couple of components. Ala carte it costs P50; with regular fries and drink, it’s P99.

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Jollibee's New Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog
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