Chicken Oil Recipe – Skin, Atsuete, Garlic, Recado, and Salt

chicken cartoon beside a cruet with an orange liquid

I mean no offense to the popular Mang Inasal but when it comes to our own Bacolod specialty, I’ll swear by the inasal and chicken oil offered at my favorite inasalans. Sorry Mang Inasal, but we, Bacolodnons, have set the bar high, and there’s just no going over it.

I’ve tried making chicken inasal at home hoping (slightly expecting) it would taste like the mouthwatering inasal of Aida’s or Malaspina Inasalan, but it only lead me to one of the biggest Expectation-VS-Reality failures of my life. When it comes to marinating, grilling, and basting, I better leave it to the experts for now.

However, when it comes to chicken oil. It’s a different story. Sure, it’s not as complicated as achieving Manokan-country-worthy inasal at home, but I can make authentic chicken oil that’s as golden and fragrant as the one made by experts.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Collect as much chicken skin you can or fat trimmings. If chicken skin is not available (seems like there’s a scarcity nowadays), chicken neck will do. Separate the loose skin from the bony meat.

Step 2: Dry the chicken skin as much as you can with paper towels.

Step 3: Over low fire, heat a little amount of vegetable, just enough to start make the skin sizzle.

Step 4: Place the chicken skin into the saucepan, but don’t dump it in all at once. Lay it out as flat as you can, outer skin side down. Reason: I’m doing this to hit two birds with one stone. I get rendered fat and evenly fried chicken skin at once.

Step 5: Remove the now golden and crispy chicken skin. Set aside for later consumption.

Step 6: Drop crushed garlic and bay leaf into the warm oil. Give it a minute or two to infuse its flavors.

Step 7: Pour in the atsuete seeds. Stir until desired color is achieved. Don’t let it burn.

Step 8: Turn off heat and strain the golden liquid to remove solid particles left behind. Add salt to taste.

Step 9: Transfer to a sterilized bottle or condiment container.

Article Name
Recipe: Real Chicken Oil - The Golden Condiment of Any Inasalan
A how-to article for making authentic chicken inasal
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