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CDO premium hotdog jumbo package

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What makes a good hotdog? For me, it should be firm. It should be succulent. Most importantly, it should be perfectly tasty, no trace of weirdness whatsoever. If a hotdog ticks all three qualities, then it’s a “good” hotdog for me.

CDO, on the other hand, has a different definition of a “good” hotdog. It should have 0 gram transfat and 40% less sodium, qualities their new premium hotdogs have.

Cool! Now here’s a hotdog that watches out for our health.

However, and it’s a big one, if CDO Premium Hotdogs don’t meet my personal criteria I won’t make the switch.

That’s because I’m finicky about hotdogs. As a child, I had had a terrible encounter with a “weird” hotdog, a cheap, low-quality kind that reminded me of a detestable medicine my mom had to almost push down my throat once. From then on, if it’s not the brand I’m used to, I bite with caution.

So, is CDO Premium Hotdog firm? Succulent? Perfectly tasty? Yes, yes, and yes! In my opinion it’s as good as the brand that I’m used to.

One kilogram (1kg) of jumbo-sized CDO Premium Hotdogs costs P179 (price taken at SM Bacolod Supermarket), a few pesos more than the other popular brands, but that’s alright.The healthier option which is “100% delicious” is all worth it.

By the way, how do you usually cook your hotdogs? At home, we cook them in a little bit of water first before adding oil to fry them. I’ve always wondered if it’s the right way. Do you do the same? Please feel free to let know me know about your cooking method. Thanks in advance!

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    • Ketchup Girl
      Ketchup Girl says:

      Hi Allen. I haven’t tried cooking mine that way. Usually fried lang or “nuked.” THanks for letting me know this method works weell with Cdo hotdogs. Will give it a try. 🙂


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