Sweet Lips Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah bottle

Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah - Reminiscent of Baguio's Strawberry Jam

Bearing the luscious mark of Sweet Lips, Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah throws sweet wine lovers a come-hither look that’s hard to ignore. A light, fizzy red, this wine is a palate pleaser. It reminds me of Baguio’s strawberry jam. Sweet and…
Tavernello Lambrusco Emilia with empty wine glass

Tavernello Lambrusco Emilia Amabile Rosso Wine Review

I learned a handful of knowledge from Tavernello Lambrusco Emilia.For starters, seing the word Lambrusco doesn't automatically make it a sweet wine.I have no idea where I got my assumption, but before I picked this wine up I thought…

Fortunella Premium Sweet Red Wine Review

Wines are seldom labelled Dry or Sweet outright. Most of the time it's the grape variety that's prominently stamped across the label — cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, and many more. So, for a sweet wine hunter like me, I was thrilled when…
Bottle of yellow tail pink moscato and a wine glass

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato Wine Review

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is a sure hit with sweet wine lovers. It's fragrant, fruity, and fizzy. The back label says expect the taste of strawberries, musk, and fairy floss (aka cotton candy for us, US-english users), and it delivers all that.It…