I love matcha. I wish we have more of it everywhere. We surely don’t have enough around. But if I find anything matcha here in Bacolod I’ll let you know.

homemade matcha spread

(Green Tea) Matcha Milk Spread Recipe

I know someone who can whip up one hell of a matcha spread. She’s the nice lady behind Sweet Jars by Lala. When it comes to making and selling matcha spread, she’s a total pro.Unfortunately, she’s based in Luzon, and even though transacting…
2 bottles of matcha milk spread

Matcha Milk Spread by @SweetJarsbyLala

According to Julia Child, the woman who single-handedly introduced French cuisine to Americans, "A party without cake is really just a meeting."I was in one a few weeks back. A literal meeting. There was no cake, just 5 people sitting,…
3 Kitkat Green Te Cones

Kitkat Green Tea Ice Cream - Wonderfully Subtle

If there's one thing I could say to Nestle right now, it would be, "Thank you."Thank you for officially introducing Kitkat Green Tea to the Philippines.Thank you for shining the spotlight on green tea itself.Thank you for proving…
mcflurry mcdo matcha oreo with spoon

McDonald's Matcha Oreo McFlurry - The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie is set to hit Philippine theaters on May 16, but McDonald's is already handing out Angry-Birds-inspired "furiously fun treats".There's Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry and — the one that made my eyes bright and wide…
matcha green latte with floral milk design

Matcha Latte in Bacolod? They Have It!

Coffee is not only the drink that can give you a buzz. Matcha can do the trick as well, maybe even better. To tea-crazed customers who'd love to drink tea that has body, milk, and a strong punch of flavor, here are the cafes and tea stands I…
4 matcha covered Kitkat wafers

Kitkat Green Tea - Introducing Matcha to More People in the Phils

Kitkat Green Tea, or should I say Kitkat Matcha, is delightful. It's the same slim, crunchy wafers we've loved but this time matcha dissolved into creamy white chocolate takes the place of chocolate. Instead of looking dark and brown, Kitkat…