Bacolod, aka the City of Smiles, is the home of the famous chicken inasal. But we have more to offer. Know where to eat. Our food scene is getting better and better.

chicken cartoon beside a cruet with an orange liquid

Chicken Oil Recipe - Skin, Atsuete, Garlic, Recado, and Salt

I mean no offense to the popular Mang Inasal but when it comes to our own Bacolod specialty, I’ll swear by the inasal and chicken oil offered at my favorite inasalans. Sorry Mang Inasal, but we, Bacolodnons, have set the bar high, and there’s…
Mr. Kokio Food Stand Lopues East Bacolod

Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken - A Newfound Cheap Thrill

Do you know that happy feeling you get when you’re eating food that’s outrageously delicious for its price? It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you’re already planning your next visit before you even down the last morsel. And as…
Wowa's Churros at SM Bacolod Food Court

Wowa's Churros - My Favorite Churreria

I have a new favorite at SM Bacolod, and it’s not the big clothes and accessories store that just opened. In fact, it’s the opposite of big and instead of to-die-for girly stuff, it’s selling hot ridged sticks of deep-fried dough.Wowa’s…
JJC Sticker Label - Malunggay Revel Bars

JJC's Malunggay Revel Bars - Jireh's Homemade Sweet Tooth Pleaser

Sweet, chewy and fudgy. When these three adjectives are strung together it could only mean one thing. A scrumptious goodie is coming. These are the perfect words to describe JJC's Malunggay Revel Bars. It has three layers: two slabs of oatmeal…

Furkids Grooming & Cafe: Bacolod's First Dog Cafe

If there's one thing I look forward to after a long, energy-sapping, spirits-crushing day, it's Chuckie, my 6 year-young, borderline obese, hairy Shih-tzu/Pekingese mix breed. Seeing him perk up the moment he realizes I'm home lifts my heart…
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Chicken House Bacolod - Good Inasal, Great Spareribs

I'm a pure-blooded Bacolodnon and if you'll ask me where the best chicken inasal in the city is I would always answer Manokan Country. Nena's Beth and Aida's are my personal favorites.But, I'm not saying that you can't find good — more…
paa insal rice green plate

Bacolod Inasal - What to Order, How to Eat

No tourist should leave Bacolod without having a taste of our famous chicken inasal. If you're travelling to our city, the home of Masskara Festival, you should make it a top priority. Whether you head to Manokan Country or drop by "classier"…
entrace aida's manokan restaurant big chicken statue
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Aida's Manokan - A Popular Choice for Chicken Inasal

Aida's is a resounding name when it comes to Bacolod inasal. Don't be surprised if it's the recommendation you get when you ask a Bacolodnon to point you to the best "inasal na manok" in the city. One of the favorites in the city Aida's…
pecho pak and paa chicken inasal

Bacolod Chicken Inasal – Most Popular Specialty

Pecho is breast.Pecho-pak is breast and wing.Paa is thigh and leg.That’s the Chicken Inasal language!But of course, we Bacolodnons know it too well. After all, chicken inasal is what our city is known for—moist, tender, marinade-seeped…
matcha green latte with floral milk design

Matcha Latte in Bacolod? They Have It!

Coffee is not only the drink that can give you a buzz. Matcha can do the trick as well, maybe even better. To tea-crazed customers who'd love to drink tea that has body, milk, and a strong punch of flavor, here are the cafes and tea stands I…
fake chicken oil bottle

Faux Chicken Oil, Try this Hack at Home

Aside from mouthwatering chicken inasal and talaba, there's one other thing that excites me whenever I'm at Manokan Country. Can you guess what that is?It's yellow but sometimes it's orange. It sits on every table, right next to the sinamak…
chicken inasal restaurant bacolod people buying
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Malaspina Inasalan - Away from Manokan Country, But Home to Authentic Bacolod Chicken

Without a doubt, Manokan Country is the true home of our Bacolod chicken inasal. It's so famous it overshadows the name of the street it's at. Does anyone know the name of that street without checking Google Maps? Maybe some do but surely…
Manokan Country Bacolod roof signage

Fate of Bacolod Manokan Country Remains to be Seen

I did something I've never done before. For the first time, I paused and took my time to breathe in the sight of our Manokan Country. How I love this hawker-ridden, fluorescent-lit strip that offers the main gastronomic pride of our city: Bacolod…