McDo’s 1st Burger Steak Meal – The Mushroom Pepper Steak


When it comes to competition, it’s no secret that the Big Fat Bee and the Giant Clown have been one-upping each other for the longest time. From burgers to fried chicken, fries to sundaes, pocket pies to thirst-quenching coolers, their menus are almost replicas of each other.

I have favorites from both.

If I’m craving for Pinoy spaghetti, I head to Jollibee. If I want perfect french fries, I go to McDo. If I’m in the mood for a tasty burger, a Champ or Big Mac will do.

However, on the rare instances when my tastebuds tingled for a burger steak meal, there was only one place to go…UNTIL NOW!

McDo’s First Burger Steak

Finally, McDonald’s Philippines is now serving its very first burger steak meal: the all-new Mushroom Pepper Steak. Dense, relatively thick burger patties covered in a thick, creamy, savory white sauce stippled with black pepper.

Luckily, I’ve been offered to try McDo’s new product for free, and I was thrilled to accept it. Yes, the food featured on this blog post was sponsored but this does not affect my opinion in any way.

I’ve been seeing McDonald’s New Mushroom Pepper Steak on my office Skype app, and it was quite hard to ignore. Perfectly lit and photographed, it looked enticing on the banner ad. So when I got the message, I was quite surprised. Talk about timing, right?

Full disclosure: I received 5 sets of McDo’s 2-pc Mushroom Pepper Steak meal and shared it with some of my friends at the office.

Delivered warm and fresh, McDo’s Mushroom Pepper Steak smelled terrific. The savory aroma reached our noses before we even flipped the lids open.

The beef patties are thick and meaty. The sauce is as promised — creamy, peppery, and seasoned just right. The pepper gives it a touch of heat  which nicely cuts the sauce’s richness. The mushrooms, of course, complement it nicely.

However, if only the sauce’s color had been as beautiful as the one I’ve seen on Skype and a few more mushroom slices were thrown in, I would have liked it even more.

But other than that, McDonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak is a great addition to their menu, giving everyone who’s not in the mood for the usual McDo offerings a delicious option. In addition, it’s budget friendly too. A 1-pc meal costs P55 and a 2-pc meal costs P89.

Beat the BEE!

I’m hoping McDo will not stop with the Mushroom Pepper Steak. I’m sure there are other sauces and toppings out there that would go with burger patties terrifically. It’s just a matter of figuring it out and beating the Bee to it.

Remember, the Bee already has three. So, hurry up! They may have a huge head start but the race is far from over. Make our mouths water with more burger steak meals. Who knows? The “original home” might see their patrons hopping off to a new one.

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