B’lue Flavored Vitamin Water – Go for Orange & Calamansi but Say No to Lychee

B'lue Water Based Drink Calamansi Lychee Orange

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I’ve never been a fan of flavored water. If I want to drink water, I’ll have it plain, clear and odourless. Nothing gets better than that. Water is liquid gold as it is.

I’ve seen bottles of B’lue vitamin water at supermarkets and convenience stores long before their recent Live to Feel #FullyAliveWithBlue tv commercial,  but I never thought of buying them until now.

The TV ad is intriguing. It’s either they casted talents with really good acting chops or the look of delight on their faces the moment after they sipped B’lue for the “first time” is, in fact, genuine. It’s so compelling you have no choice but to believe it.

Plus, how can you resist the fully-alive-with-blue claim? If a water-based drink can do that, why not? It’s worth a shot. It got me sooooooo curious that I brought home 3 bottles of B’lue, one for each flavor — Calamansi, Orange, And Lychee.

B’lue Lychee

I tested and tasted B’lue Lychee first and my reaction: a grimace. Nothing like any of those smiling and surprised faces on TV. What! Is! This!??? It’s 500 ml of water + half a tablespoon of sugar + perhaps 5 drops of lychee flavoring. I didn’t feel alive. I felt depressed.

I screwed the lid back on and returned it to the fridge. I looked at the other two bottles, convinced that it’s a waste of money.


B’lue Orange & B’lue Calamansi

B’lue Orange & B’lue Calamansi are wonderful. These two citrus flacors lit me up. I perked up like the tasters on TV.

Even though there’s no fizz, B’lue Orange and B’lue Calamansi are refreshing.

No, scratch that.


That’s the right word. These two will make you “feel alive” — light, bright and in the moment. A bottle will remind you that it’s okay to pause for a bit and enjoy yourself. And knowing that B vitamins are in the mix makes it even better. It’s not just water. It’s invigorating, energizing, zesty flavored water.

If ever you feel sluggish or drained, recharge your body with B’lue. Just make sure you grab Inspiring Calamansi and Enlivening Orange.


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P20.00, 56kCal

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