Furkids Grooming & Cafe: Bacolod’s First Dog Cafe


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If there’s one thing I look forward to after a long, energy-sapping, spirits-crushing day, it’s Chuckie, my 6 year-young, borderline obese, hairy Shih-tzu/Pekingese mix breed. Seeing him perk up the moment he realizes I’m home lifts my heart up, and when he sprints towards me I can’t help myself but bend down, let him drop his paws on my shoulder and give him a big squeeze. He’ll squirm and wiggle himself free only to land wet, furry kisses on my cheeks, making me feel like I’m the best human in the whole world.

I love this dog and I think he loves me too.

Dogs are magical creatures. Although not everyone appreciates their friendship, dogs bring indescribable joy to those who do.

A dog will sit with you (or you can make it to) when you’re sad. It will lighten the world when you’re stressed. It will make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt. When you’re excited, it will match your energy and multiply your happiness 10 more times.

Dogs are the perfect companions — sweet, loyal, and at times even protective. Having one (preferably more) is a true blessing.

If you have a Fido or a Fifi in your life, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t and you want to experience the bewitching charm of dogs without the permanent responsibilities of being a dog mum or dada, there’s a perfect place for you in the city:

Furkids Grooming & Cafe – The First (and only as of now) Dog Cafe in Bacolod

Located at Triangle Island Plaza, at the tip where Narra and BS Aquino Drive meet, Furkids Cafe welcomes dog lovers to cuddle with the friendly, sweet, and adorable furkids and dine at the same time.

Separate from the grooming area, Furkids Cafe is divided into two areas: alfresco and indoor. Savory meals and snacks are served only outdoors while cupcakes and drinks are the only food items allowed inside.

Wondering why?

That’s because all the furry babies are inside and nothing should take their attention away from you.

Our Furkids Experience

No matter how lovable and winsome they seem, dogs are dogs. When approaching an unfamiliar dog, in this case dogs, always exercise caution. Let them get to know you first before being friendly.

That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised by the fence inside the cafe. It’s for your own safety. Once you walk into the cafe, don’t barge towards the dogs right away. Allow them to acclimate to your presence first. It only takes a few moments.

Once that’s done, it’s pure bliss for the next two hours.

Pet, play, hug, kiss, and — of couse — take snapshots with the Furkids! Some may be shy at first but light scratches behind the ear, soft touches on the head and sweet cajoling voices would certainly draw them out of their shells. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing at their silly yet cute antics as they become comfy around you.

The Furkids We Met

Sky the Gregarious Labrador Retriever

Scarlett tired after playing

The largest of the pack, Sky is also the friendliest of the Furkids. She’ll greet you like a long lost friend, without hesitation. If she can reach your face, she’ll plant big sloppy kisses and might even tackle you to the floor. She loves everyone!

But don’t let her friendliness fool you, she’s one mean competitor out in the field. All trophies displayed on the wall behind the counter are hers!

And once the cupcakes are served, keep your eyes on her . She’s smart as she’s quick. If you leave the cupcakes unguarded, she might try to snatch it away, like what happened with ours.

Good thing my friend was quicker! She pulled the plate away before Sky could latch her jaws on one of our delicious carrot cupcakes. Hilarious.

Scarlett the Regal Cocker Spaniel

scarlett cocker spaniel laying on the floor

Looking at Scarlett, I can’t help but remember Red Riding Hood’s line, “Grandmother, what big eyes you have?” Because they are huge and bright and as round as marbles. No one would be able to resist her if she’ll use those eyes to get what she wants. She’s one adorable furball.

She’s also the calmest. While all the others are busy playing with each other, snuggling diners, or chasing their own tails, Scarlett just stays still, chillin’ like a boss. She’s an easy target for amazing snapshots.

Margaux the Feisty Poodle

margaux poodle sitting on high chair

If you’re greeted with barks, that’s probably Margaux. But don’t worry, she’s harmless. Unlike the rest, it takes her a little while to warm up. Just be a little patient with her. Once she’s comfortable, you’ll have no trouble picking her up and cuddling her like your own.

Zoe the Sleepyhead Chow-Chow

Zoe - Chow Chow sleeping at dog cafe

I’ve heard that Chow-Chows could be temperamental but Zoe proved me wrong. It may be true for some but definitely not for all. In fact, Zoe was the most docile of them all during our visit. She did not have much care in the world. All she wanted to do was sleep. And she looked so cute doing it!

She would join the fun once in a while but it was obvious she’d rather sleep, laying flat on her stomach  and catching zzz’s whenever she can.

Bella the Adorable Shih-Tzu

bella shih tzu looking up with big eyes

Bella is the tiniest of the bunch but her energy makes up for her size. Surprisingly, she can keep with the rest. She’s also one of the easiest to pick up and she’ll look at you with her big, brown imploring eyes.

Mamba the Mischievous Collie

mamba sitting on high chair as punishment

The only thorn among the roses, Mamba is my personal favorite. I love his energy. I love his cheekiness. I love that his penchant for mischief is on display.

Right from the start, it was clear: He loves shoelaces. He went after ours as if they’re made of beef jerky, tugging and chewing whenever he can reached them. And when he wasn’t after our shoes, he was either running after his own tail or chasing another dog. The smaller ones had no choice but to run. He only met his match when he went after Zoe.

That taught him a lesson: Never mess with a sleepyhead! When Zoe had enough, he pinned Mamba down and used him as pillow.

Mamba definitely was the life of the party that afternoon. I would have taken him home if I could.

Why visit Furkids Cafe?

When I announced I was going to Furkids, one of my friends looked at me incredulously. Aside from Chuckie, we have 6 more at home. Now why would I want to pay P120 to play with dogs when I already have my own pack at home? (Yes, Furkids Cafe charges P120 per person, but it comes with a too-cute-to-eat cupcake and a glass of iced tea) 

4 cupcakes with dog designs

The answer is simple: experience. Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour or two with adorable dogs? It’s stress-reducing, mood-lifting, and serotonin-inducing. If you ask me, it’s worth every peso!



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Furkids Grooming & Cafe: Bacolod's First Dog Cafe
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