Bacolod Chicken Inasal – Most Popular Specialty

pecho pak and paa chicken inasal

Pecho is breast.

Pecho-pak is breast and wing.

Paa is thigh and leg.

That’s the Chicken Inasal language!

But of course, we Bacolodnons know it too well. After all, chicken inasal is what our city is known for—moist, tender, marinade-seeped chicken grilled over slow burning coals. Served perfectly charred, it pairs well with steaming hot garlic rice laced with atchuete oil. For an extra punch of flavor, there’s always sinamak, soy sauce and calamansi to dip it in.

Wondering what’s the perfect side dish? TALABA! Nothing beats the pleasant taste of the sea mingling with the chicken inasal.

Just like the other famous Bacolod specialty, piaya, chicken inasal is also simple. It’s chicken barbecue on a stick. There’s no getting simpler than that. The best ones are served in Manokan Country, a strip of shack-like eateries located in the downtown area. The last place you’ll expect to find fine china, linens, and soft lighting.

And the best way to eat it: KINAMOT! Spoon and fork, not necessary.

Chicken inasal is rustic. It’s also cheap. However, it’s incredibly delicious, and only Bacolodnons have the hands to transform chicken and inexpensive ingredients into a culinary fare that’s good enough to define an entire city.

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Bacolod Chicken Inasal – Most Popular Specialty
Chicken inasal is Bacolod's most popular specialty. Main cuts are pecho or pecho-pak and paa. No tourist should leave the city without trying this.
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