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Oreo Thins – I’m Missing the Creme

When I saw tall, slender boxes of Oreo Thins for the first time, my lips involuntarily curled up. I was excited. Vanilla Delight and Tiramisu. How delicious! I imagined it’s going to be like After Eight Mint, where its cookie-to-creme ratio will be as on point as After Eight’s chocolate-to-mint. Inside, there are two foil […]


Wowa’s Churros – My Favorite Churreria

I have a new favorite at SM Bacolod, and it’s not the big clothes and accessories store that just opened. In fact, it’s the opposite of big and instead of to-die-for girly stuff, it’s selling hot ridged sticks of deep-fried dough. Wowa’s Churros, my new favorite, occupies only a few square meters at SM Bacolod […]

Mcdo Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken

It seems like McDonald’s trying to match the scintillating temperature in the Philippines right now. Instead of chillers that will tone the heat down, they’ve introduce the New Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo. Coated in a bright red-orange sauce stippled with minute red particles, this fried chicken is meant to make your cheeks flush and your nose […]

(Green Tea) Matcha Milk Spread Recipe

I know someone who can whip up one hell of a matcha spread. She’s the nice lady behind Sweet Jars by Lala. When it comes to making and selling matcha spread, she’s a total pro. Unfortunately, she’s based in Luzon, and even though transacting with her — placing orders, paying, and arranging shipment — is […]


Fortunella Premium Sweet Red Wine Review

Wines are seldom labelled Dry or Sweet outright. Most of the time it’s the grape variety that’s prominently stamped across the label — cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, and many more. So, for a sweet wine hunter like me, I was thrilled when I saw the words “PREMIUM SWEET RED WINE” on a Fortunella Vino Rosso […]


Yellow Tail Pink Moscato Wine Review

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato is a sure hit with sweet wine lovers. It’s fragrant, fruity, and fizzy. The back label says expect the taste of strawberries, musk, and fairy floss (aka cotton candy for us, US-english users), and it delivers all that. It smells good, too. Although there’s no mention of pears, its scent is […]

New Potato Corner Caramel Fries – Meant for Matching!

If you’re the type who enjoys eating maple-syrup-smothered pancakes with ham, bacon, or sausages, you’ll dig Potato Corner’s New Caramel Flavored Fries. Paired with the classic flavors — Cheese, Barbecue, and Sour Cream — it will give you the irresistible Sweet-and-Savory combo you’re fond of. Although it’s caramel, it’s not overly sweet. Think of brown […]

Garlic Overload with Guilly’s Garlic in Oil

Garlic is one of the few ingredients in the world that don’t have a substitute.  If your recipe calls for it and you don’t have a single clove on hand, cooking would have to wait. You know your dish won’t be as good without it. Although garlic seldom takes the starring role in the culinary world, […]

Locally PH Juice – Proudly Our Own!

I don’t know if it was fate, but I saw Locally PH’s sponsored Instagram post while I was still at the final stages of getting over my disappointment in  Del Monte’s Pineapple Pomelo and Pineapple Lychee. A lone bottle of You’ve Dandalandan It Again lies at the center of the image, looking inviting, surrounded by leaves […]

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Chicken House Bacolod – Good Inasal, Great Spareribs

I’m a pure-blooded Bacolodnon and if you’ll ask me where the best chicken inasal in the city is I would always answer Manokan Country. Nena’s Beth and Aida’s are my personal favorites. But, I’m not saying that you can’t find good — more than satisfactory — chicken inasal elsewhere in Bacolod. In fact, there’s a number of other places that serve […]


Bacolod Inasal – What to Order, How to Eat

No tourist should leave Bacolod without having a taste of our famous chicken inasal. If you’re travelling to our city, the home of Masskara Festival, you should make it a top priority. Whether you head to Manokan Country or drop by “classier” chicken inasal restaurants like Chicken House, Chicken Deli, and Masskara Chicken,  you should never […]


Bacolod Chicken Inasal – Most Popular Specialty

Pecho is breast. Pecho-pak is breast and wing. Paa is thigh and leg. That’s the Chicken Inasal language! But of course, we Bacolodnons know it too well. After all, chicken inasal is what our city is known for—moist, tender, marinade-seeped chicken grilled over slow burning coals. Served perfectly charred, it pairs well with steaming hot […]

CDO Premium Hotdogs – Worth the Switch

What makes a good hotdog? For me, it should be firm. It should be succulent. Most importantly, it should be perfectly tasty, no trace of weirdness whatsoever. If a hotdog ticks all three qualities, then it’s a “good” hotdog for me. CDO, on the other hand, has a different definition of a “good” hotdog. It […]