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Aida’s Manokan – A Popular Choice for Chicken Inasal

entrace aida's manokan restaurant big chicken statue

Aida’s is a resounding name when it comes to Bacolod inasal. Don’t be surprised if it’s the recommendation you get when you ask a Bacolodnon to point you to the best “inasal na manok” in the city. One of the favorites in the city Aida’s serves authentic and superb chicken inasal that will surely leave a good lasting impression on tourists. Even Bacolodnon’s can’t get enough of it.

In addition, Aida’s stands out not only because of their distinct inasal but also because of the big, yellow, Khal-Drogo-ish chicken statue right outside its doors. Seriously, they have one. Aida’s is located at Manokan Country, a group of adjacent inasal restaurants that look the same from the outside. All except for one. Just an eye out for Super Chicken and you’ll find Aida’s.

chicken inasal paa with rice on green plate two plates of talaba oysters

aida's inasal menu prices

Aida’s Menu and Prices

Like most “orig” inasalans, Aida’s has a simple menu: chicken barbecue, prime and smaller cuts; skewered offal; rice and drinks. Aside from that they have pork barbecue, chorizo, and the best add-on Manokan Country has, TALABA! Located right outside their entrance, big, clean oysters are pried open for customers.  If you want a plate, all you have to do is say so.

Interiors & Service

Compared to the other inasal restaurants, Aida’s is the most decorated. The interiors are painted yellow and there are bedazzled “masskaras” everywhere. However, being only two inasal-restaurant-space wide and with three long rows of tables, it’s a bit cramped. Once it’s packed with diners, you might need to turn sideways to pass by the aisles.

Service is good. Staff are responsive and quick on their feet. They often wear matching shirts, so it’s not hard to spot them.

Aida’s is one of the “orig” and you’re expected to eat inasal the traditional way: with nothing but your hands. Spoon and fork are not readily offered at the table. They have a hand washing station at the center of the restaurant which is easily accessible. But if you want utensils (and miss half of the chicken inasal experience), just ask.

Aida’s chicken inasal is a palate pleaser. If you want to impress visitors with our famous Bacolod inasal, take them here. Aida’s won’t let you down.

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Aida's Manokan - A Popular Choice for Chicken Inasal
Aida's is one of the "orig" chicken inasal restaurants in the city. Located at Manokan Country, it's a popular choice for Bacolodnons who can't get enough of their own specialty.
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