I don’t call myself Ketchup Girl for nothing. I love ketchup. For me, it’s the best condiment in the world. It makes pizza terrific, hamburgers superb, fries marvelous, deep-fried chicken fantastic, hotdogs amazing, eggs sublime, bacon scrumptious,  grilled pork fabulous, etc, etc, etc.

When I was a kid, there was a time I wouldn’t eat rice unless ketchup was smothered all over it. I’ll mix it in with my hands and eat it with gusto. And if ever I don’t like what’s on the table, ketchup was my savior. Weird, right?

I’ve outgrown that but not my love for ketchup. Upto now, there’s always a bottle of the red, tangy, and sweet tomato concoction on our dining table. My tastebuds have grown, too, and they’re consistently after all that’s dee-lish and yum-yum!

So, walk with me as I explore the world of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami and experience their glorious — and even the not-so glorious — combinations. T-e-x-t-u-r-e-s and seNsaTionS: included!

Food is happiness…even though it’s a constant threat to our thighs and waistline.