5 Theo & Philo Chocolates with Truly Filipino Flavors

5 djfferent flavors of theo and philo chocolates

Do you love adobo? I do. I can eat it for three days straight and I wouldn’t mind a bit. Sour, salty, and spiced with bay leaves and peppercorns, it takes a while before I can get enough of it. Whether doled on top of steaming white rice or sandwiched between a bun, it’s a yummy tummy filler.

But how do you feel about adobo paired with chocolate? Can the great classic of Filipino cuisine fly as a sweet treat?

Theo & Philo thinks so. Instead of conventional chocolate flavors we are used to, Theo & Philo, the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Philippines, gives its chocolates an edge with well-loved, truly Filipino flavors. One of them is adobo, and the rest are just as…interesting.

Theo and Philo Milk Chocolate Adobo

milk chocolate adobo Theo Philo chocolate bar

Let’s admit it. It sounds weird. Adobo is meaty and savory. Mixing it with chocolate seems like a bad idea.

Good thing Theo & Philo thought otherwise. Their Milk Chocolate Adobo is as delicious as it is unique.

Its scent is unlike any other chocolate I’ve tried. At first whiff I thought of cheese but after a few more sniffs, it reminded me of my pooch’s lamb kibble. Sorry about that. But it’s not a bad thing though. You just need to get past that to enjoy the first bite.

There’s a lot going on in this chocolate bar. Of course, there’s the smooth, not-too-sweet milk chocolate. Then, there are the crunchy bits that make this bar sensational — salty solids and crushed peppercorns. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a hint of bay leaf too. All the important elements of adobo sans the meat.

I could be wrong but all the different flavors in this chocolate bar come together and result to a toffee-like taste. It’s weird but it’s good.

Theo and Philo Milk Chocolate with Barako Coffee

 barako coffee milk chocolate Theo Philo

I’m not a coffee lover but I am mad about this chocolate. For starters, it smells like it dropped straight from caffeine heaven. For a 1.3oz chocolate bar it packs a strong punch. You get more than a whiff once the foil is ripped open.

As for the taste, Theo and Philo found the perfect recipe for marrying Barako coffee and chocolate. The sweetness is spot on, allowing the distinct flavor of kapeng Barako to shine through. Delightfully bittersweet with a slight powdery finish, this chocolate bar can give you a buzz.

Theo and Philo Dark Chocolate with Calamansi

theo phio dark chocolate with calamansi

Unlike Adobo and Barako which pack a lot of surprises, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi delivers nothing more than its self-explanatory name. It is what it is: dark chocolate with calamansi.

Personally, I don’t like this chocolate bar, but I don’t hate it either. But if I’m a fan of citrusy chocolate (which I’m not), maybe I would appreciate the candied calamansi peels scattered within.

Theo and Philo Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo

dark chocolate with siling labuyo Theo Philo

Anyone who has seen the movie Chocolat knows that chili and chocolate could be a good mix. If you haven’t tested that for yourself yet, here’s your chance.

Theo and Philo Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo is one fiery bar. At first bite it seems like an ordinary dark chocolate. You’ll even wonder where’d the chili go.

But that would only be for a second. You’ll feel the heat claw at your throat. A few more bites and your mouth would turn into a furnace. If you like spice, this is the Theo and Philo chocolate for you.

Theo and Philo Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt

theo philo green mango and salt dark chocolate

Out of the 5 Theo and Philo chocolates I’ve tasted, this is the most exciting. Tart, salty, and bittersweet all at the same time, Theo and Philo’s Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt is hard to get tired of. The thought of green mangoes and salt alone makes my mouth water. Paired with dark chocolate, it tastes even better. The contrasting flavors kept me wanting more.

However I do have one wish for this chocolate bar. More green mango bits please! It would transform this chocolate from good to a craving-inducing, grab-all-bars-you-can-see chocolate.

Speaking of grabbing Theo and Philo chocolate bars…

Where to Buy Them

Theo and Philo chocolates are not readily available at supermakets here in Bacolod, but you can buy them from Bo’s Cafe, Fresh Start Organic and Human Nature.

But let me warn you. The prices of Theo and Philo chocolates vary depending where you buy them. I suggest buying from Bo’s. They have the lowest price based on my experience, selling each Theo and Philo chocolate bar for  P110.

Fresh Start, on the other hand, sells each bar for P150, while Human Nature sells it for P124.75.


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