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Oreo Thins French Vanilla and Tiramisu boxes

Oreo Thins - I'm Missing the Creme

When I saw tall, slender boxes of Oreo Thins for the first time, my lips involuntarily curled up. I was excited. Vanilla Delight and Tiramisu. How delicious! I imagined it’s going to be like After Eight Mint, where its cookie-to-creme ratio…
Sweet Lips Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah bottle

Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah - Reminiscent of Baguio's Strawberry Jam

Bearing the luscious mark of Sweet Lips, Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah throws sweet wine lovers a come-hither look that’s hard to ignore. A light, fizzy red, this wine is a palate pleaser. It reminds me of Baguio’s strawberry jam. Sweet and…
Nestea Milk Tea Wintermelon and Hokkaido-Style Sachets

Nestea Milk Tea - Boba is the only thing missing!

Can you still remember when milk tea broke through Bacolod’s food scene? I can say it was a craze. Everyone around me was going out of there way to have a sip of the new cold beverage in town. Never mind that back then you can count the number…
chicken cartoon beside a cruet with an orange liquid

Chicken Oil Recipe - Skin, Atsuete, Garlic, Recado, and Salt

I mean no offense to the popular Mang Inasal but when it comes to our own Bacolod specialty, I’ll swear by the inasal and chicken oil offered at my favorite inasalans. Sorry Mang Inasal, but we, Bacolodnons, have set the bar high, and there’s…
Mr. Kokio Food Stand Lopues East Bacolod

Mr. Kokio Korean Chicken - A Newfound Cheap Thrill

Do you know that happy feeling you get when you’re eating food that’s outrageously delicious for its price? It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you’re already planning your next visit before you even down the last morsel. And as…
Wowa's Churros at SM Bacolod Food Court

Wowa's Churros - My Favorite Churreria

I have a new favorite at SM Bacolod, and it’s not the big clothes and accessories store that just opened. In fact, it’s the opposite of big and instead of to-die-for girly stuff, it’s selling hot ridged sticks of deep-fried dough.Wowa’s…
McDonalds Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken Regular Rice Meal

Mcdo Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken

It seems like McDonald's trying to match the scintillating temperature in the Philippines right now. Instead of chillers that will tone the heat down, they’ve introduce the New Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo.Coated in a bright red-orange…
homemade matcha spread

(Green Tea) Matcha Milk Spread Recipe

I know someone who can whip up one hell of a matcha spread. She’s the nice lady behind Sweet Jars by Lala. When it comes to making and selling matcha spread, she’s a total pro.Unfortunately, she’s based in Luzon, and even though transacting…